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Passion for good food and wine in Valpolicella!

Cooking lesson in a villa in Valpolicella A charming winery near Verona and the Lake Garda in northen Italy learn us everything about wine making together with the art of the traditional regional cooking. The winery is located in Jago, at the foot of the Masua hill, in the well known wine district Valpolicella. In the 1980s Enrico Cascella Spinosa took over the family winery and started an ambitious renovation project transforming it into a modern and Winery in Valpolicellaefficient winery where all processes from the grape to the bottled wine are synchronised.
After a visit in the wine cellars and the beautiful garden we prepare attractive, delicious dishes from the traditional local cuisine in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. During the lunch or dinner we taste the various wines produced by the villa.

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