Andrea Palladio and his architecture in Veneto. No other architect in the Western World’s history of art has ever had such an enormous influence on the afterworld as Andrea Palladio. In his youth he explored the ancient architecture and with this as his reference point he formed his theories about architectural composition.

Veneto tour of villas of Palladio

With his feeling for forms and composition, his buildings set a whole new style that profoundly influenced the country houses in England and of the plantations in the American Deep South. But it’s only in the region of Veneto, in Vicenza and Venice, that we find his own villas, palaces and churches.

Day 1
Arrival to the airport and transfer to Castelfranco Veneto.
In the evening we have a drink with a light buffet.

Day 2
Today Verona Palladio tour we drive west to Verona and we take a walk in the old historical part of the town with it’s narrow streets and beautiful squares. In this city there is remainings from the Roman period and many buildings show the welfare of the city during 1200-1300. Much of the middle age atmosphere is left  together with the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet at the palace of the Capuleti family where we can see the balcony of Juliet.
During the middle age the family della Scala was governing the city and they let the architect Michele Sanmicheli build many of the palaces that we can see along Corso Cavour.
We have lunch together in Verona before we drive to the famous wine producing area Valpolicella northwest of the city. Here is one of the most original villas of Palladio, Villa Serego in Santa Sofia, that was built for the rich man Marcantonio Serego. The production of wine in this area started already in 1300 and today Azienda Santa Sofia produces very good wines among which the famous Amarone made especially for the 500 years anniversary of Palladio and namned ”De Divino Palladio”. We taste some of the wines and visit the wine cellars but not the inside of the villa that is private.

Day 3
Villa Barbaro Palladio tourToday we start with one of the villas that probably is one that most fullfilled: Villa Barbaro in Maser. It was built in Aquileia, for Daniele Barbaro, and was decorated by Paolo Veronese with magnificent fresco paintings. Our bus takes us to Marostica and Bassano del Grappa to see the bridge over the river Brenta designed by Andrea Palladio and destroyed several times during floods and wars. Lugo di Vicenza is our next stop to visit Villa Godi, an early Palladio design. Here we have lunch inside the villa.

Day 4
Villa Pojana palladio tourToday our bus brings us south of Vicenza. We visit Villa Pisani Ferri Bonetti in Bagnolo and the newly renovated Villa Pojana in Pojana Maggiore that was built to show the power of the Pojanas family and was used as farmer’s house. Vincenzo Scamozzi was a pupil and cooperator of Palladio and he designed Villa Pisani Ferri “Rocca Pisana” located on the top of a hill where a castle stood erlier. The Pisani family moved here to stay away from the malaria of the rice fields of Bagnolo.

Villa Pisani Bonetti palladio tourVilla Pisani Ferri plladio tour

We have lunch together and return to Castelfranco in the afternoon. Evening on your own.

Day 5
Morning free in town for shopping or visits on your own at the Cathedral of Giorgione, the Madonna throne and Teatro Accademico.
In the afternoon our bus pick us up for a visit to Villa Cornaro in Piombino Dese. Close to the cemetery of San Vito di Altivole the architect Carlo Scarpa created the Brion family cemetery, a complex in grey cement with paths and green grass, that we visit before returning to Castelfranco Veneto. For dinner together our bus brings us to a reataurant outside the town center.

Day 6
Vicenza palladio tourIn Vicenza, hometown of Palladio and the central place for his activity, we start visiting Teatro Olimpico. The famous theater was the last masterpiece made by Palladio and was finished after his death. During our walk in Vicenza we pass by several palaces as for example Palazzo della Ragione, called La Basilica. In the afternoon we make a visit at Villa La Rotonda, maybe one of the most visited of his villas, both in the past and today.
Farewell dinner together in Castelfranco.

Day 7
Departure day