Palermo and the west of Sicily

Sicily is a big island, many toursits coming in groups often making bus tours bringing them in a few days all over the island rushing to see the most famous spots. On this tour we would like you to enjoy places on the island that is out of the usual tourist flows and see how people leave in smaller villages combining this with some of the most famous places to see in the west part of the island.
The Greeks built many Doric temples and magnificent theatres, the Normans went on building with the Arabic and Byzantine traditions creating amazing works of art which are decorated with fantastic gold mosaics in Bizantine style after the Arabic iWe nfluence.

Day 1 Arrival
Arrival to Palermo airport, transfer to hotel check in and dinner together

Day 2 Palermo – Monreale.
MonrealeWe start the day with a sightseeing in the centre by local guide visiting Cappella Palatina within Palazzo dei Normanni, where we find the mixture of Byzantine and Arabic art. The Mosaics are considered among the most important in Europe.
We’ll make a visit in the art museum and after a lunch together we drive to Monreale for a visit in the impressive Dome, where one of the main attraction is the mosaic from 1100-1200 which tells of happenings from the Old and New Testaments.

Day 3 Marsala – Erice – Segesta
Erice Segesta
Today we make an excursion towards the west coast in the area of Marsala where you see wide shining fields where salt is produced from the sea water, in the nackground you get a glimpse of the Egadi islands. The famous wine Marsala is produced in this area and we stop at a well known producer to make a tasting of the wine combined with the local dishes. In the afternoon before returning we drive up to the top of the mountain overlooking Trapani and stop in the charming village of Erice known for ceramic production.
We make a stop halfway to Palermo to visit the imposing temple of Segesta, evening and dinner on your oen in Palermo.

Day 4 Palermo
Palermo Piazza Pretoria Vucciria market in Palermo
We start the day by another interesting sightseeing with local guide, visiting the church La Martorana where there is a mosaic showing Christ that puts the crown to Roger II.
The rest of the morning is left for free time for shopping and why not pay a visit to the picturesque market “La Vucciria” where you can enjoy Sicilian daily life activities and by Sicilian specialities.

Day 5 Madonia and Castelbuono
CastelbuonoToday we travel to the east up in the mountains to an area that today is nature reserve, “Le Madonie”. There are several medieval villages and modern way of leaving has developed slowly compared to bigger cities, this has an influence on the food traditions so here you can enjoy dishes that you hardly find in any other place on the island.
Manna productionMany artisans still practice their work as they have done for centuries and many survive on toursim, agricolture, olive oil production, wine making, but one of the most interesting productions is the so called “Manna” wich is taken from the linfatic liquid of the trees. Making a cut in the bark of the trees a violet liquid comes out but when it comes in contact with the air it quicly hardens and becomes white and with a sweet taste. A producer will meet us and bring us to a plantation to shoe us how the work is done and what products are made with it.
Monastery in CastelBuono Monastery in CastelBuono
Our visit ends with a lunch together in Castelbuono at a monastery where we drink the wines produced and the typical food products of this area.

Day 6 Selinunte – Mazara del Vallo

Today we make an excursion to the south where we make a very interesting stop in Selinunte with ruins from With its eight Greek temples dating from the sixth and fifth centuries B.C. and the nearby Temple of Demeter Selinunte is one of the largest and most important historical sites in Sicily. It lies on the southwest coast on terraces sloping steeply down to the sea. The Acropolis on the western terrace and the as yet unexcavated town to its north lie between two small rivers, the Selinus (now the Modione) in the west and the Hypsas (now the Gorgo di Cottone) in the east; the harbors at their mouths have long since silted up.
Sicily western tour Selinunte Sicily western tour Mazara
After this visit we drive to Mazara del Vallo a town in southwestern Sicily, which lies mainly on the left bank at the mouth of the Mazaro river, administratively part of the province of Trapani. It is an agricultural and fishing centre and its port gives shelter to the largest fishing fleet in Italy.
We have our farewell lunch in a fantastic restaurant in the historical centre and drive back to Palermo in the afternoon.

Day 7 Departure
Private bus bring us to Palermo airport.