Sicily Taormina the perfect location

Sicily, the land of the Greek myth, scene of the encounter between great civilizations that created art treasures that are unique in the World. The Greco-Roman buildings, Byzantine mosaics, Norman and Baroque art, contaminated by Arabic elements, will accompany you on a fascinating trip.
Sicily was a meeting place for Byzantines, Arabs and Normans and from this fortunate union of different cultures sprang the splendour of Medieval Sicilian art, dazzling in its gilded mosaics, strong in the architecture of its palazzi.

Palermo Palatine ChapelThe capital city is Palermo situated in the gulf with the same name. This city really reflects the magnificence of both East and West mixed together in a unique way. The famous Palatine Chapel was built by the Normans, but decorated with Byzantine and Islamic mosaic art. The church of St. John of the Hermits was built like a red domed Mosque and the nearby Cathedral was built by the Normans.
Taormina Roman greek theaterThere are many other splendid cities in Sicily like Taormina, a medieval jewel that nestles on a high hill over the Ionian sea and enjoys a very favourable climate with pleasant temperatures all year round. Taormina is also famous for its beautiful Greek Roman Theatre with a striking view over the sea and Mount Etna behind.

Western Sicily salt production Along the east coast the salt mills are refining salt, piled up around the mills like white snowy hilltops. In Marsala, the famous wine with the same name is being produced. In Caltagirone and Santo Stefano di Camastra, the beautiful ceramics are decorated by the women, using patterns that might be traced toSicily typical food offered in genuine locations Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans. Some of the big tuna fish factories along the east and north coasts, have been turned into exclusive hotels. In spring time the big citrus plantations are in blossom and other excellent wines are produced on the slopes of the still activ volcano of Etna.

An incentive trip to Sicily meens endless possibilities to put together art, history, traditions, excellent Mediterranean cuisine, splendide nature scenarios and exciting activities on Etna, in the splendid canyons of Alcantara and of course on the cobalt blue sea that is surrounding the island.

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