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Sardinia is a real corner of paradise that is quite unknown for many people. Sardinia is Italy’s second biggest island after Siciliy and is the less densely-populated region with an untouched spectacular nature and 1800 km of beautiful unspoiled beaches with cristal-clear turquoise water. Sardinia sailingDuring the centuries the island has been invaded by many different people from the Phoenicians to the Spanish people and this have left deep traces in the local culture, food traditions and the own language Sardu, speaked by around a third of the population. Thanks to the island’s isolation in the Mediterranean Sea many of the old traditions are still alive and it is possible to experience them still today.

Cagliari The capitol city Cagliari was founded by the Phoenicians in the 7 th century BC and is located on the Southern part of the island. Cagliari was for a long period one of the most important harbours in the Mediterranean Sea and the historical centre that we can see today dates back to the Middle Ages. This charming city is surrounded by the sea and marshlands where pink flamingos nest. Near Cagliari along the coast toward the city of Pula there are still rests from the antique city of Nora that was the capitol city during the period from the Phoenesians to the Romans.

The central part of Sardinia, the Barbagia region, is Barbagiaprobably the part of the island that best reflect its historical roots and traditions. The untouched nature in Barbagia offers fantastic nature experiences and the area is very popular among excursionists and climbers. In this area we also find the highest mountain in Sardinia, Punta La Marmora.
On the north east part of Sardinia is lPorto Cervo Costa Smeraldaocated Costa Smeralda with Porto Cervo that is the favorit place for the international jet set during the summer months. The Costa Smeralda aerea was developed during the sixties by the ismaelitic prince Aga Khan and has since that kept its status as one of the World’s most exclusive holiday locations.
Sardinians are known for their hospitality and are furthermore the most long living people in Sardinia typical foodEurope thanks to their life stile. Good genuine food and wine and much being together in a fantastic environment without stress, are important factors for a long life. In Sardinia slow food is not a modern invention, it’s a fact. Food is a truly important part of living and the Sardinians first of all use local products as olive oil, pecorino cheese, lamb, goat, fish and shellfish in their cuisine.

In Sardinia the possibilities are many and meetings on well equipped hotels are perfectly combined with relax and bath in a unique nature but also with exciting activities on land and on the sea, culture and a very tastefull cuisine.
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