San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a small and very charming medieval town in Tuscany with buildings from the 13th and 14th centuries inside a well preserved city wall. During the Middle Ages merchants from all over Italy and from abroad, gathered here to do business as the  important Via Francigena cross this area. Finally it became necessary to build a wall around the city and the noble families started to build high towers on there houses to defend themselves. The towers became a symbol for San Gimignano and during the 13th century there were as many as 72 towers. Today there is only 14 left and the town has been included among the UNESCO Heritage Sites. In the cathedral ” La Collegiata” you can admire the beautiful frescoes from the 14th century, describing the Old and New Testament, and in the church of “San Agostino” Benozzo Gozzoli has described Saint Agostino‘s life with vibrant frescoes.

There are many small shops selling typical products from Tuscany: glass, baskets, wonderful pottery, boar sausages, ham and cheese. At the bars or wine shops you can try the good white Vernaccia wine typical for this area.

Piazza Cisterna Piazza Duomo San Gimignano San Gimignano