Lake Maggiore is the second largest among the Italian lakes, situated north of Milan. The area is particularly favoured by a mild climate and offers the visitor a scenario whose beauty can be enjoyed in a new and different way in every season. Charming towns and internationally renowned tourist resorts lines the shores, offering beautiful panoramas, splendid villas and picturesque town centres.

The lake features the three Borromeo islands, named for the noble Borromeo family who lovingly turned them into magical retreats with elaborate villas and lovely gardens: Isola Bella with the magnificent Borromeo Palace (XVII century) which park is a masterpiece of Italian style garden.

Isola Bella Lake MaggioreIsola Madre the biggest island and the most characteristic due to its “cosy” atmosphere: a garden with rare plants and exotic flowers where white peacocks, parrots and different kinds of pheasants live in complete freedom. The 18th century palace is open for visitors.

Isola dei Pescatori a charming small island with a picturesque village, inhabited by a small community that still makes a living by fishing.

Rocca of Angera-Lake Maggiore
Rocca of Angera
is a rare example of perfectly conserved medieval fortification and it rises on a spur of calcareous rock dominating the mouth of Lake Maggiore.
Down through history, the Rocca has been a stronghold for the control of traffic and navigation across the lake.
The Rocca also houses the “Museo della Bambola” with two centuries of dolls history

Santa Caterina del Sasso-Lake Maggiore
The suggestive monastery of Santa Caterina del Sasso, clinging on the rocky cliff, was founded according to a legend by a rich merchant that survived a shipwreck in this place and become a hermit. In summer time the monastery can be visited also by boat that is the nearest and most suggestive way to reach it.

The charming lake towns are the perfect starting point for exciting activities and excursions on the lake and in the nearby areas. There are excellent and well equipped hotels around the lake and many of them in the typical belle époque style. A wide range of sports are available: golf, fishing, water skiing, sailing, canoeing, swimming, trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, climbing etc.
The region of Piemonte is also famous for its excellent wines and the nearest wine district is situated only 30 minutes from the lake.