Capri Italy Villa San Michele

The Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus was the first to discover the charm of the island of Capri when he visited the island in 29 BC. Capri FaraglioniThis Mediterranean jewel situated just off the coasts of Naples and Salerno has often been described in famous lyric poetry due to its beauty, the cobalt blue sea that surrounds it, the fragrance of flowers and its peaceful charm. During the 19th century the island’s magic charm began to attract visitors, and soon it became the favourite seasonal residence of foreign artists, writers and poets. Amongst contemporary writers, one in particular has remained a symbol of Capri: the Swede Axel Munthe with his magnificent villa at Anacapri.

Capri Marina Grande boats tripsCapri is unique in the richness of its offerings: the incredible Capri relaxnatural beauty, crystal-clear blue sea, fantastic cliffside beaches, mild  Mediterranean climate, picturesque car free streets, the world famous meeting place for international celebrities “La Piazzetta”, shopping streets with the most important fashion houses and a great number of charming hotels.
Not to forgot Capri good restaurants for eventsthe local cuisine based on the daily fishing catch that can be tasted in romantic restaurant around the island.Let us organise culinary adventures, romantic evenings, boat excursions, walking tours with breathtaking panoramas, pizza school, meetings and much more on the beautiful island of Capri!


Capri Monte Solaro trekking Capri the famous Piazzetta Capri nightlife

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