Bergamo squareBergamo Città alta

 Bergamo is a very charming old town situated around Bergamo città alta church1 hour north east of Milan, on the edge of the Alps. Bergamo’s original location was a defensive hilltop, and the town was also protected by stout walls; nowadays this historic part of town is known as the

Città Alta (upper town) and it’s where you will find most of the historic buildings and tourist sites. There is little traffic, and the picturesque narrow lanes with plenty of small charming boutiques are pleasant to wander.

Bergamo bassa the modern cityMost of modern Bergamo spreads over the plain below the old town. This Città Bassa (lower town) was laid out around the beginning of the twentieth century, and is composed of pleasant wide boulevards. The two parts of town are linked by a funicular and the both part of Bergamo offer together many sights of interest and architectural beauty.

Bergamo Valcalepio wine district
In the area around Bergamo there are various wine districts and the nearest one is Valcalepio with good wines and the possibility to combine a visit at a winery built on the rests of a Medieval castle from the 13th century with a nice country lunch in a small village.

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Bergamo Franciacorta wine district
The largest and most famous wine district in the area is Franciacorta where the vineyards first of all produce ”spumante”, the Italian “champagne”.
In Franciacorta there is also a beautiful lake with small charming towns and a little visitable car free island.

Milano shopping and footboll
The nearby city of Milan with its famous fashion streets offers plenty of occasions for shopping but also interesting possibilities for sightseeing and art.
During the season we can book tickets for the footboll games, mostly played on Sunday afternoons, with one of the home teams, Milan or Inter.