Truffle hunting, food and wine in a mountain village in Umbria!

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Truffle hunting is an old tradition and in Umbria you can find a number of different kinds of truffle. The most common is the precious black Umbrian truffle that grows in the woods from around 250 m height. The quality of the truffle is famous throughout the world.

In the small mountain village of Pettino there has been a truffle hunter in every family for centuries. Truffle hunting is a way of life in the village and the truffles are an everyday part of the diet. Our truffle adventure starts from here and with amazing views we stroll through the countryside. When we have enough truffles for lunch, we stop in a really panoramic spot for a first taste of a freshly dug truffle and a glass or two of prosecco. More often than not, our shepherd, the flock of sheep and the wolf-chasing dogs come join us for a drink and a chat.

Back at the village you can learn to make the  traditional fresh pasta of the village. You can join in and lend a hand, or simply sit back and enjoy som home-made specialities and loads of great local wine. When the food is ready we sit down together with the family and som friends from the village for a big traditional and authentic lunch in good company!

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