Discover Piedmont on vespa!

Piedmont in the north west of Italy is a very beautiful region with high mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers. The flat land in the eastern part is the last part of the Po Valley with its rice paddies and a little bit further south you will find the beautiful soft wine hills in the Langhe district. Some of Italy’s best wines as  Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Asti, Cinzano, Ferrero, are produced in this area. The Langhe has also a long gastronomic tradition and according to many the best truffles in Europe comes from here. 

Program proposal:                 

Day 1: Transfer from the Malpensa airport in Milan to an “agriturismo” among the beautiful wine hills in the wine district of theLanghe“. Before dinner we have time for a visit at a winery for a first introduction to the wonderful wines of Piedmont.

Day 2: After breakfast at our agriturismo the scooters are waiting for us for a two day exploring tour. Today our Vespa guide takes us to the beautiful area of Roero with its soft hills, vineyards, ancient castles and charming villages. The precious truffel is hiding in the forests and in the many trattorias tasty traditional dishes are still on the menu. Not for nothing the Slow Food movement was born right here in 1986.. In one of the forests we will follow a “trifulau” and his dog hunting for truffles ending with a tasting in the wood.
At lunch time we arrive to the town of Alba with its typical medieval atmosphere, feudal towers, churches and old houses. In Alba there is a famous  truffel festival every year and there will be time for a free visit in the town and lunch.
In the afternoon we visit the castle in Serralunga that was built in the early Middle Ages as a defense tower. In the 14th century the local land lord Pietro Falletti enlarged the castle and now it belongs to the Italian State. From the castle ther
e is a fantastic view over the area.
Back to the agriturism for a moment of relax and dinner. 

Day 3: Today we will discover the beautiful area of  Barbaresco  together with our vespa guide. This was the birth place of the Roman Emperor  Publio Elvio Pertinace but there is not much left from that era and the area is most of all known for its excellent red Barbaresco wines with aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and green pepper and sometimes even of dried peaches..
We stop in the villages of Barbaresco and Neive and have a nice light lunch in one of them.
 In the afternoon we visit a small producer of sheep cheese that produce their cheeses in a strictly traditional way. The farm has a wonderful view of the surrounding area and we will have a look at the production and taste the cheeses.
There will be time for an ice cream stop along the road before we come back to the agriturismo.

Dinner at a winery with wine tasting. Or why not a pasta cooking lesson before dinner!

Day 4: We leave Piedmont after breakfast and with an evening flight it’s possible to visit the fashion city of  Milan before it’s time to go to the airport.

The number of days can be varied! Contact us for more details and price:

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